Sports live events dedicated IPTV service


Cut the cord and get your premium IPTV Subscription to watch thousands of TV channels + special packages for Qatar World Cup with 4K streams

What will be encluded:


All your needs will be covered in one simple service, just install an IPTV Player of your choice ( we offer free setup assistance ) and enjoy access to all of your favorite channels / a wide variety of movies and web series as a bonus 

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120.000 VOD
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Stable streaming

Supported Devices

M3U, Xtream Codes, Portal for MAG devices and more

We developed our service to work with most smarter devices, this include your phone, laptop, Smart TV, Tablet and much more, below you will find some examples of recommended devices to use our service on

Amazon firestick

Samsung/ LG/ Sony Smart TVs


Windows & macOS

IOS/Android Phones

Chromecast with google TV

Exclusive Africa Cup of Nations package

4K,HD and backup channels

We constantly update and introduce special packages for popular sports events, our recent one is Africa Cup of Nations 2024 which comes with alll the channels that cover this event in various qualities 4K/FHD/HD…

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Comprehensive coverage of the Africa Cup of Nations 2024

What distinguishes us from others?

Our experienced technical team has developed new technologies to optimize the streams for live events making them freezing free, you get to watch all of your favorite sports channels with peace in mind. Just make sure to have a fast internet connection and a supported device and let the hefty difficult work on us


Weekly Updates

We offer all customers a huge library of 100000+ VOD for free as a bonus, we update the movies and series on a weekly basis making sure you get option to follow your favorite shows with no delays.


Free Installation IPTV Service

This is your first time setting up IPTV on your device? just contact our support team and we will help you get it working on your device


IPTV with adult subscription​​​

We Have More Than XXX Adult channels And more than xxx Adult VOD

Pricing Plan

Choose the Package that works best for you